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We have the technology now to make silent vacuums. Why not? Decades back they didn't become popular because women figured they weren't as effective since they were so quiet. We can have clear receptacles so you could see that it's working. Give them the option to turn the sound on or off at any time if they're still worried. An indicator light on the handle could alert the user if the vacuum is working harder and may be stuck on something. -- Longshot9999
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Octupus Vacuum

Because I hate lifting chairs out of the way.

This would just be a regular vacuum clearner with a bar across the front that contained several retracted appendages until you reached a spot where there was a chair or something else you didn't feel like moving out of the way. At that point you'd press a button and the appendages would roll out on extendable tubes and swirl around whatever was in the way like mini Roombas on a leash. When the area was clean you'd let go of the button and the appendages would retract again, transferring the air intake back to its normal route.
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