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"I Could Do That!" - Reality show where people who have no clue how to do somebody else's job try to do them with no training at all and we can all laugh at them making complete idiots of themselves!
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God On Trial - The Mini Series

Although each segment in the series might sound ridiculous, this would be a serious show aimed at a niche audience. A team of religious people would represent God and a team of skeptics would represent the prosecution.

Among the individual trials would be the following:

1. Intelligent design vs a normal miscarriage - is God's design pro-abortion?

2. The prohibition against homosexuality vs hermaphrodism - must hermaphrodites abstain from sex (and should they cover themselves like females in Islamic countries or dress like men)?

3. The purpose of sex being procreation vs sterility - must sterile adults abstain from sex too since there's no possibility of procreation?

4. Going off on a tangent, what did God do on the 8th and 9th day (I mean aside from killing most of what he'd just created with a flood)?

5. In the same context of episode 4, why did an all-powerful being need to rest on the 7th day? Why didn't he just go ahead and do what was next on his agenda?

I'm sure other episodes could be dreamed up. It's important to keep in mind that although the issues might be presented in a lighthearted way, the defense and prosecution would have to approach them seriously.
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World Puzzle

This would be a sci-fi TV series where the artifact of some civilization was found on one of the asteroids in the asteroid belt. As more pieces were found on other asteroids it would quickly become clear that the asteroids are the remnants of a planet. Similarities between it and earth, and the fact that we can't find any evidence of an explosive impact (a critical component of the storyline), is the mystery we need to solve to make sure earth doesn't encounter a similar fate. It wouldn't hurt to find the skeletal remains of a dinosaur on one of the asteroids with a ring on one of its bony fingers.
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A new reality TV show for budding entrepreneurs and startups looking to get funded. Shark Tank rocks but why not some competition with even more of an edge to it? Or make it a show following a particular VC or two as they go meet up with new startups and get the goods on them, get a more in-depth look into what all goes into their decisions on whether to fund or not.
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The Prison Cable Channel

Combining two popular television shows, Oz (a realistic fictional show about life in prison) and Big Brother (an unrealistic non-fictional show about life in reality), gives us the foundation for a new cable channel. The Prison Cable Channel work just like one of the regular on-demand channels. Subscribers would have a selection of prisons to choose from and could switch back and forth between the cameras in it whenever they wanted (the cameras cover everything). The subscription fees would go towards improving conditions in the prisons and lowering the cost of running them.

Prisoners might complain about the loss of privacy under this kind of setup but we could argue that they lost any expectation of privacy when they were sent to prison (anyone who's ever been in a prison knows there's no such thing as privacy there anyway - the guards are always watching them, in person or via cameras). Live monitoring might turn out to be a good thing in another way too. Knowing there was always the chance that they were being watched, it might decrease sadism by the guards and violence by prisoners (at least those who stand to gain time off for good behavior). Of course there could also be a negative effect - lifers might increase the number of violent acts they committed in order to become movie stars. Even this could be turned into a plus though - it might boost the deterrent factor among young watchers.

One other enhancement would be added to this channel - a phone number for each prison displayed at the bottom of the screen. That way if you saw a prisoner being raped you could call in to report it (if you were so inclined). It would be sort of a National Neighborhood Watch.

If this idea brings in a significant amount of money to help support our prison systems then here's an extension of it that might bring in some money to help support wildlife conservation groups. It would be another cable channel called the Wonderful World of Carnivores. Mini-cams would be put on lions, alligators, eagles, etc. so we could tune in to see nature at work, watching the kill from the carnivore's point of view.
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A comedy show like SNL but the audience would generate the ideas for the skits and the cast would choose the best ones to write up for the show. The writers would still be writing the jokes themselves but with fresher skits overall they wouldn't run dry. Harness the power of their millions of funny viewers and freelance comedians out there.
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Staying Alive: Show about the most common ways people die with advice so you don't have to be one of the dumb victims of one of those causes of death (if you don't have to be!). crying

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A weekly YouTube TV show featuring the 10 most watched videos that week.
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Broadcast the national news from a different location every day and include a story from that city.
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A chat show in which there is a host (maybe a guest host) who opens with a monologue and then introduces some guests. The host then asks the celebrities some questions that are taken directly from twitter after the host has put out a request for people to tweet them questions for the guests. Following the tweet-fuelled interviews some sort of sketch segment could occur incorporating the guest(s). Following this a segment could be included with a guest who has been in the news recently and they engage in a short interview.

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Since we hate commercials so much why not The Commercial Channel? lmao Show ads on different themes or whatever 24/7/365!
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They should bring back more of the cool game shows TO NETWORK TV from way back when. The new Let's Make A Deal is kicking ass but why not bring back the most badass network game show ever... Press Your Luck? The Gong Show too. More epic stuff like that for cooler housewives so their minds won't be numbed!
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"HILLARY CLINTON, A SUPERSPY"  .Read full story online:
By Mikhail Kryzhanovsky, a former KGB and CIA.
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3M Health Care Particulate Respirator and Surgical N95 Mask, Model 1860, 8210
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