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Smart Luggage

Simple idea for an invention. You land at your destination, dial a phone number, and an automated voice says either 'Your luggage is here,' or, 'Hey, I'm in Cleveland. Please don't leave me here.' Now that most airports have wi-fi hotspots this wouldn't be too hard to turn into a reality.

A small padlock that contained a couple of extra features could do the trick. When locked onto the handle of a suitcase or garment bag it would start actively searching for a wi-fi hotspot every 15-30 minutes. If one was found it would send it's location and unique ID to the company that put this idea into practice. As soon as your plane landed you'd dial that company, key in the unique number and get one of the two messages shown above (with relevant city substituted of course). The company could determine if you were in the same city as your luggage based on your cell phone location, which can easily be pinpointed to within 50 feet of its true location (something for cheating spouses to keep in mind if they bring their cell phone along with them).

A few more details. The hook on the padlock would have an antenna embedded in it. The padlock would also come with an adapter so it could be recharged as needed. It might be nice to have a beeper too, like those on cars that go off when you press a remote, so you could pick it out of a pile by pressing the remote that came with it. (This might have to be set up so individualized ringtones could be downloaded to the padlock to make it easier to tell your luggage apart from those of other people pushing their remotes. For instance, the sound of a duck quacking would be hard to miss.)
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MapQuest for Women

Common stereotyping tells us that women follow directions better when given landmarks, while men do better with reference to the cardinal points (north, south, etc.). As such, the current version of MapQuest is designed better for men than it is for women since driving directions generally refer to north, south, etc. An enhanced version of MapQuest could correct this.

First, a program would be run over the historical database of directions that have been given in the past to all users. The program would then prioritize the intersections where users were told to turn, putting the most frequent at the top of the list. After this, the same people who travel around updating the maps would take pictures of these intersections, focusing on the best landmark they can find. Adding the pictures to the database would then let users click on any intersection that had a photo attached and see what they should be looking for.
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Fill My Fridge Please

Start your extended stay the right way.

A lot of the people who rent rooms at extended stay hotels are businessmen coming to a strange town for a 3 - 6 month contract. The first thing they find when they get to their room is an empty refrigerator. If these hotels offered a service where you could email them a list of things you want in the fridge when you get there I know I'd be willing to pay the extra charge. It would save me a lot of time hunting for a store that carried the things I like (that's the last thing I want to do when I finally get to the room after an 11-hour drive).
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A microchip you could put in your luggage. When the airline loses your luggage they scan it and you can log into a website to see where it is. Call it LostBug. If you have the number that matches the suitcases you can locate it, verify ownership of it and submit your address online.
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Save your empty water bottles and wash them. Fill them halfway to two-thirds full of water, put the lid on, and freeze them. When you're going somewhere, finish filling one up with water and take it with you. You'll have ice cold water to drink for hours.
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MapQuest - Avoid Option

Don't go where you don't want to go.

There are some roads that I always want to avoid, either because there are known speed traps on them, construction is being done, etc. This idea is for a simple enhancement to either MapQuest or Google Maps that would let you key in roads you want to avoid and then have it build the best route to your destination that skipped them.
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When packing for traveling, don't you just hate how your good shoes get all smashed? Well, help them retain their original shape by stuffing the toes of your shoes with tightly wadded up plastic grocery bags. They keep their shape and look great when you unpack them. It's a good idea to use the same technique to store them in your closet. On the same note, you can help your boots keep their shape by placing a thick rolled magazine in the tops of them so they stand in your closet and keep their shape.
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Most people need to escape from the daily grind from time to time. If you have the resources, cities such as London or Paris are beautiful and historic places that have something to offer travelers of all genres. There If you are looking for something a little closer to home you could consider a short road trip to various locations. National and state parks are scattered throughout the American west. The eastern seaboard also has many attractions. From historic Boston to the sandy beaches of the Carolinas you will be able to find that nice getaway you are looking for.
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The process of checking visas could be a lot more efficient if all of the applicant data was kept in a centralized database. They could use an iris scan when they're issuing the visas. When someone enters the country their details could be validated with a computer connected to that network at that entry point.
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Natural hot springs like Takini (near Whitehorse in Yukon, Canada) or an evening in Tenakee are great places to travel. Lush forests nearby too.
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Project images of the baggage getting put onto the conveyor at airports on a large screen above the carousel.
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Launch Guest Houses, where travelers and strangers can stay in people's homes free of charge in the true spirit of hospitality.
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Put jokes on signs on long sections of freeway. The punchline could be displayed a few miles up the road.
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