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Kleenex should create a clear tissue box made of biodegradable plastic much like today's water bottles are made to meet green standards. No more having to gauge when your facial tissues are about to run out. With this tissue box of the future being completely transparent, it allows you, the consumer, to know when it's time to add facial tissues to the shopping list. Another great thing about having a transparent box is the ability to choose from a variety of tissue colors (light pink, light blue, light yellow, and light green - just to name a few), especially if you want to match your room's decor and since white is a neutral color it would go with just about any color. Very fashionable and chic. This type of tissue box would be a huge cost savings for Kleenex because they will not require special designs; the UPC, the recycle symbol, and company name and logo would be located at the bottom of the box. Once all the facial tissue has been depleted, you can put it in the recycling bin along with other recyclable plastics that will be picked up and delivered to your local recycling center.

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