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Give viewers the option to switch from the announcers commentary to what the players, referee and coaches are shouting!
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You Call the Pitch/Play

When you enter the stadium your ticket would be scanned to see if it was one of the few that had been randomly picked to win. If it was, and you had a cellphone, you'd leave your cellphone number at the gate and be given a phone number in return. Then at any point in the game you could call one pitch, or play, and your team would have to throw the pitch or run the play. An even number of winning tickets would be given out, half for one team and half for the other. Maybe 6 pitches in baseball for a game or 2 plays in football. The coaches would hate this of course and don't know that it should count against the player's stats but great way to get the fans involved. Lots of possibilities here. The fans would love it, especially if their call proved to be a good one. Think of the bragging rights. "Did you see him whiff on that curve I just threw him!?"  Or, "how about that 40-yarder across the middle? You know that was my play all the way." Of course, if the pitch got hit out of the park or the pass got intercepted you might not want to say anything.
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They should develop a new sport where you throw a ball using an atlatl (a spear-throwing lever). The athletes could get some serious distance using those.

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Robot Ball Boy

We've got robot vacuum cleaners and robotic lawn mowers to help get the work done, it's time for the invention of a robot to help get the playing done. A simple modification to one of those Roombas could make it recognize tennis balls at rest in a 5-foot strip along the outside edge of a tennis court and pick them up. Periodically it would return to a bucket near the playing area and dump all of the collected balls into it.
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Scandalous Bowling

Selectable pin people.
In this modernized bowling alley you'd select the people whose picture you wanted on your pins from a catalog at the time your lane was assigned. The faces you picked would then show up on each pin and also on a display above the pins. That way instead of having a boring 5-8 split you could wind up with something like a Martha Stewart/Michael Jackson split. Or you could do as someone else suggested and play Democrats against Republicans.
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The Amazing Bumper Car Race

For the child still hiding in all of us.

It's time they made a bumper car ride for adults. This wouldn't be a simple get your car going as fast as you can and then crash into someone kind of thing, it would be much more refined. The amusement park ride would be built in an area about the size of a small parking lot. At the start of the race the attendant would push a button and cushioned walls would pop up out of the ground forming whatever maze configuration he chose. The ground between the walls wouldn't stay flat either. Some sections would have an incline that went up to a plateau before dropping down the other side. There would also be at least a couple of circular ramps to go up and down - with some of them terminating in a dead end at the bottom (so you couldn't see it until you hit it). The object would be to make it through the maze as fast as possible, or lurk in an alley to time your crashes just right. Since most of the walls would be straight, every intersection would be a blind one. The first 3 drivers to make it out would get the price of their ticket refunded.

At the end of 5-10 minutes the attendant would press another button so the walls would drop back down into their slots in the ground, letting everyone see how to get to the finish line.

One side note - although the cars would be have go-cart engines and bumper car bodies, the engines would have governors on them to keep you from going so fast that you could seriously hurt yourself or someone else.
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If the traditional sports aren't your thing try PaintBall or Airsoft. These extreme sports are action packed. Airsoft guns shoot at a very high speed with smaller pellets so they are more dangerous than PaintBall ones. Because of this Airsoft guns are outlawed in some countries. Be sure to wear safety equipment and have a blast.
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2 teams in opposite sides of a basketball court throw a volleyball at their opponents to eliminate them. If they catch the ball the thrower's out.
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Build an Olympic wall with each brick representing an athlete. Stone bricks are replaced with gold, silver and bronze as medals are won.
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Create an airbag for parachutists to deploy if their chutes don't open.
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Create the "Real" Olympics where the athletes are a randomly-selected portion of the adult population given a very short time to train.
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