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Empty Aisle Indicator

Or a counter showing how many people are in the aisle.

This usually happens when I find myself at the back of the store, my cart is full, and I'm ready to checkout. For some reason whichever aisle I pick to head towards the checkout lanes tends to be filled with slow-moving shoppers who've parked their carts side-by side forcing me to wait or pick another aisle. It shouldn't be too hard to create an overhead counter showing how many people/carts are in each aisle. It would even make everyone's shopping faster since they could arrange their routes according to the emptiest aisles. The advantage to the stores would come in a smoother and faster flow, making the shopping experience a little more pleasant (and keep frustrated people from leaving their cart where it is and just walking out).
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Magnifying glasses at stores so customers with bad eyes can read the small print on items.
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Put digital map screens in grocery stores or department stores where shoppers can type in an item and know where to quickly find it on the shelves.
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A universally-recognizable symbol to display on the windows of stores, restaurants, and other businesses that says "haggling accepted here."
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Add a feature on eBay that directs people to the single item with the most watchers at any time.
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Attach a price scanner to each shopping cart so shoppers can keep tabs of the cost of their purchases before they get to the checkout.
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Attach a foldable chair in supermarket shopping carts to help elderly and sick people in long lines.
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Spray perfume from automatic devices at the front of department stores to promote new fragrances.
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Add additional vending machines outside grocery stores, dept. stores, etc. with the essentials/most popular items so people can still purchase them after the store's closed.
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An item finder search engine on a computer at stores when you walk in so you can quickly find out which aisle the item you're looking for is in.
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