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Science Fair ideas

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Science fairs are a great way for children to keep their minds active and thinking about different aspects of science such as biology, chemistry and physics. Browsing their fellow classmates' projects give kids a whole new perspective on their surroundings. Possible science fair projects for children include solar system models (using foam balls and acrylic paints), volcanoes (made by combining baking soda and vinegar), and comets (made of water, dry ice, and dirt). Be sure you research your project well so you can explain the workings of it to the judges.
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Science Fairs are among the events that teenagers most love to take part in. Since new scientific discoveries are constantly being made (just two days ago a new subatomic particle was discovered that fit the description of the Higgs boson!), you should keep up on the latest science news. The news might give you an idea for your next project. One possible project demonstrates how the measurement of time varies in accuracy depending on how those measurements are taken. It requires only a computer, graph paper, a notebook and pencil, and a calendar. Other ideas include how music affects plant growth and how acid rain affects the growth of water plants.
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