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Recycling ideas

Requested in Society & Politics by TakeFive (8,280 points)

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Put recycling bins next to garbage cans everywhere. There are lots of trash cans out there in most cities but next to no recycling bins. Cut back on the amount of waste.
Shared by John Manning (660 points)

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Here's a new twist on going green. The Alfa is a cardboard bicycle made almost entirely of recycled materials. You actually don't have to worry about getting it wet as the cardboard material is treated to not only become sturdy but to withstand the elements. If you think it will collapse under the weight of heavier riders think again. The 20-pound version can carry almost 500 pounds. The kids version is planned to tip the scales at less than 8 pounds and cost only $5! If this catches on it could start a revolution and get bikes into the hands of struggling children in developing nations. Keep your eyes peeled for them and pre-order one when you can to be the first on your block to have an origami bike.

Shared by Ellen (1,290 points)
Unbelievable and VERY cool! I wonder how much the adult bike will cost?
They're actually aiming for a production cost of only 9 to 12 dollars each for their standard bikes. We'll have to see what kind of markup they have.
According to an article on one of the Israeli news sites, "The bike is constructed from $9 worth of cardboard and will likely sell for $60 to $90 according to Gafni's projections."

Let's wait and see if the project gets funding.
Damn. That's some markup!
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Boxes that are mailed are usually packaged with things like bubble wrap, polystyrene, and plastic wire. All of those can be reused. UPS, FedEx, etc. can put links on their sites to encourage recycling of them.
Shared by DBMike (800 points)
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Print on product packaging how you can collapse, fold, or otherwise make it smaller to reduce the volume for waste collection.

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Start a recycling service where people vote for an issue by placing their empty bottles in Bin A or Bin B.
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Move the basement boiler that heats water in houses to the kitchen and save energy by using all that heat that's normally wasted to heat the stove and oven. Recycle, peeps, recycle.
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