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Annoying Criminals

There's a type of stroke in the right hemisphere of the brain which, when it occurs at the right spot, always results in a condition where the victim doesn't recognize that his or her left arm belongs to them. They always think it belongs to someone else. And it usually behaves oppositionally to whatever the victim decides to do with their right hand.

Example: While the right hand is buttoning a shirt the left hand will start unbuttoning it. This type of stroke can be intentionally induced (although to my knowledge volunteers have only had its effects mimicked via directed magnetic waves).

So how would this be useful as a punishment for criminals sentenced to a life term? It would interfere with whatever their plans are and generally make prison a safer place to be. For instance, if the right hand tried to stab a fellow inmate then the left might try to block it. There's no guarantees of course, but based on one patient who claimed her left hand was trying to strangle her in her sleep it might be worth a shot.

Two side notes:

1. The effects on left-handed inmates would be even more pronounced.  They'd suddenly be unable to use the hand they naturally favored.

2. An odd fact emerged when they did a large scale study on patients who had this type of stroke. Women almost always thought their left hand belonged to their husband; men almost always thought their left hand belonged to their mother-in-law. Very strange.
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