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Taking Pictures and Videos for Insurance

If you've ever dealt with an insurance company after a burglary or fire and you want to replace your belongings, you'll likely come up against some resistance because you can't prove that you owned those belongings (or they were worth what you say they were).

So when you take out an insurance policy it's best to have photos or a video of your things so your insurance can estimate the value of them for you and help you get back on your feet faster after a tragedy.

Why not set up a business providing people with videos or photographs of their homes and belongings?

They can keep the film in a safe place or with the insurance company in case the unthinkable happens. You can charge about $200 for a DVD of the client's home and belongings. You should charge about $10 - $20 extra for each additional copy if your client wants more than one.

Insurance companies can be very hard to deal with when it comes to losing personal property. It is very important to document everything that you own in your home or business. Pictures and videos assure the insurance company of all that you own and is proof of the items for your sake.

By offering a service like this you'll save people the hassle of doing it by themselves. This also gives more merit if someone else was paid to do the documenting of your possessions. Having a 3rd party involved in documenting your possessions is more believable if you should ever need to file a claim with your insurance company.

For the initial investment to start this business you'll need to have the cameras and/or video equipment required to do the documenting. You should be able to transfer all of the items you've taken pictures of onto a CD or DVD for your customers too. You can burn it on a CD/DVD. Your customers may want several different copies too. Some cameras will do all this for you.

You'll need to be meticulous at documenting each and every item your customers have and want proof of for their insurance. They'll be putting their trust in you to do this so you really need to be professional and offer excellent references.

You'll need to be able to prove you are completely trustworthy which also extends to the personal security on the computer you use to store data (you wouldn't want the wrong information to get into the wrong hands).

You might also want to sign your customers up for the next time they'd like you to update the information. Set up an appointment with them for your next visit. You may have customers that will need your services often and others that will rarely need them again. Each customer will be different but the only way you will be assured of more business with them is by offering to return as often as they would like.

You can also extend it into taking inventories for estate or lettings agencies when there's a change of tenant. The information could be used to determine how much initial deposit is repaid when the tenant leaves.
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50 Ways to Make Money With Your Camera (Acquired from

One of the easiest ways of making extra money these days is with a camera. And these days, with digital technology and digital cameras taking over from those requiring film, it is so much easier to get started, take up your camera, and make some money.

With a little imagination, a flair for showmanship, and just a hint of salesmanship, the average person, or even teenager, can easily make an extra $200 - $300 a week with their camera. The sky really is the limit...

You don’t have to have one of the popular, more expensive cameras either, or a loot of high priced attachments and equipment. The only special piece of extra equipment you may want to invest in would be a tripod for mounting the camera in certain situations.

Once you decide that using your camera to generate extra income is what you’re going to do, get out and use your camera, start taking pictures, and allow yourself the opportunity to build. Give yourself the chance, and you will quickly begin to think of hundreds of ideas for taking pictures, merchandising ideas for promoting your services, and sales angles for increasing your profits.

Here are just a few ideas.

  • Uploading and selling to stock photo sites on the internet
  • Selling your photos to webmasters on the internet
  • Photograph new stores’ grand openings
  • Photograph local performances
  • Commencement day photographs
  • Take pictures of people in nightclubs
  • Take pictures on the beach
  • Specialize in legal photography
  • Photograph vocational school graduates
  • Wedding photographer
  • Photograph large parties
  • Photographer at banquets
  • Prom and graduation photos
  • Photograph fashion shows
  • Photograph trade shows
  • Produce community yearbooks
  • Produce company yearbooks
  • Photo fund raising
  • Take executive portraits
  • Take portraits of children in department stores or malls
  • A day in a child’s life – an album of 30 pictures
  • School photography
  • Santa Claus portraits
  • Public relation photos for business
  • Photograph storefronts
  • Produce progress photos on construction sites
  • Real estate photography
  • Produce illustrated promotional brochures for business, firms, hotels, etc.
  • Interior decorator’s photographer
  • Photograph in-store merchandise displays
  • Candid keychain photos
  • Photo stamps
  • Color postcards for hotels or resorts
  • Exceptional color scenes for calendar printers
  • Personalized Christmas cards – with family portraits or photos of family home
  • Photo buttons
  • Photographs on coffee mugs
  • Photographs on shirts
  • Imprint a photograph of a child on the face of her doll
  • Photo sculptures
  • Bookends adorned with any desired photo subject
  • Decorative photo plaques
  • Personalized photo matchbooks
  • Stationery imprinted with personal portraits
  • Custom calendars
  • Collecting old photos to make into books
  • Making photo murals
  • Photo oil portraits
  • Selling prints to photo agencies
  • Teaching photography
  • Making postcards
  • Publicity photography
  • Photographic essays for various publications
  • Selling news photos
  • Taking and selling peculiar photos
  • Selling local photos for travel magazines
  • Aerial photography
  • Photos of human interest
  • Composing photo guides for tourists
  • Photographing accidents for lawyers and insurance companies

The important thing is to get started, regardless of how small your start, and begin working on an idea that’s still in its infancy. This is an idea that can produce new concepts for profit everyday of the week. An idea that can be fun as well as financially rewarding for you, a great way to earn extra money.

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