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A setting on phones to automatically turn the ringer on and off (like when you go to bed) at certain times.
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Since iOS 7 the iPhone has a feature called Do Not Disturb. This has several configurations at your disposal. Even if you block someone from calling you during the time this feature is activated, you can set it that if they call you three times in a short period of time it will ring thorugh. It just may be an emergency.

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To Hear Your Messages

In reverse order.

Where I live the same phone company that tells me I have to redial a number because the part of the next-door area code I'm calling requires it (instead of just saying hey, the call will cost you an extra 25 cents, press 1 to put it through) also offers another aggravating feature. When I want to hear the most recent message I have to work my way through all of the recent ones that have been saved by my wife and kids for one reason or another. This idea for this simple invention is just add a button I can press that will play the messages in revese order, newest to oldest.
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A cell phone service/app where users who lost their phone on silent mode can turn the ringer on remotely.
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Make payphones where you can put your SIM card in to call your contacts if your cell runs out of battery.
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The best payphone service today is a place most people would not even think about stopping at to make a call for absolutely free. There are plenty of them even though most may not be located immediatly off an interstate exit. Simply go to a cell phone store like Sprint, ATT, Verizon, T-Mobile, etc. They have active demos that will cost you nothing to call from. In an emergency this may not always be practical but it can work in a pinch if you're close to one.
That's using your head man! Never know when that might come in handy.
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Add a soda pop icon to the icon inventory for text messaging on wireless phones. They intentionally omitted that to see if anyone was paying attention. I guess I am the only one who is paying attention.
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Abolish the voicemail duration limit on wireless & mobile phones.
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When the wireless phone service allows you to send an automated text to the call recipient when the recipient has received the maximum number of voicemails that they are allowed to receive & you do request to have that automated message sent to the call recipient have the wireless service automatically send the caller a text message when the call recipient deletes voicemails which then enables you to leave them a voicemail again. Abolish the limit on the duration of a voicemail & the number of voicemails a wireless customer can receive.
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Add the capability to phone text messaging for you to be able to modify or delete text messages you have sent before the recipient has read them. At least implement that functionality when the recipient has a phone with a carrier that has the technology to modify/delete the text message when the sender requests that they do so.
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Add a soda can icon to wireless phones morons & idiots!
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Since phones are having their screens span to the edges of the device, make it so that when you put 4 (or however many) phones side by side in creates 1 big screen.  This would allow you to watch media on a bigger screen, which was created by the phones.  Also, it not only incentivizes peple to buy the newest phone with the edge to edge screen, but it also increases brand loyalty if all your friends have the same phone.
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Make unexpensive phones with much larger battery-lives.
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Make unexpensive phones with much larger battery-lives. Gracias.
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Add a feature to phone-messaging apps/programs on phones that sends a notification - via phone-message to the author of that communication/message - that the recipient has viewed the communication!
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