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Parents of the Year

Program to nominate couples for best parents of the year. They'd then conduct workships and seminars for others on how to be the most effective parents. Companies in the private sector or the government would then pay their bills for a year so they could do that.
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A cool and smart idea for child safety is SafetyTats, temporary tattoos for children. Parents can print info about their child's food allergies, medical condition or home phone number on it in case they get lost.

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A Website Emergency Kit

They should make a site where you can quickly build a website for natural disasters like earthquakes, explosions, and parents can make them for family emergencies when needed where they can list information on who to contact, how to get info out to the public, etc.
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Reading storybooks to your kids at bedtime is a great way to teach your kids language skills. Start with single-letter words, then ones with 2 letters (just one word each night), and so on. If they have trouble remembering the word then tell it to them again (and read that sentence over again asking them to use that word again). Praising them is the key.
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You can teach your kids healthy money-saving habits with a pseudo-401(k) plan. Offer to match dollar-for-dollar, up to a certain amount, money that they put in a savings account. Alternatively, you can match a fraction of every dollar they stash away. Look over their bank statements with them to teach them the beauty of compound interest.
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The Darth Vader Baby Crib

A simple combination of 2 existing products.

While watching Lost last night I saw a scene where one character's deep voice stopped a cranky baby from crying. Then I thought I've seen the same thing happen in real life more than once. There's something about a deep voice that soothes some babies. The idea for the invention here is just to enhance cribs so they come with built in CD players and a collection of stories told by an assortment of deep-voiced narrators. Think Darth Vader, James Earl Jones, etc. There could also be a collection of sing-songy voices like Mary Poppins (and if you were really mad at the kid you could play a story told by Fran Drescher!).
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Kids can understand at a very young age. They can learn and deal with reality better when you explain things frankly but simply to them. It helps to be as succinct as possible early on.
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Only allow your 17-year-old to drive cars that have GPS monitors recording where they go (and how fast they're going) when they first get their driver's license. The monitor is made up of a cell equipped with a GPS system. 6 months worth about $250.
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Bridge the parent-child divide by showing you care for your children, keep the communication channels open, and make sure you have a strong bond. That'll help with the unhealthy peer pressure they face at school.
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You can make bath time a lot more fun for the kids by dispensing the soap like shaving gel! Just make the soap into a gel. Why not let the kids spread the soap all over themselves that way? Mine love playing with my shaving gel can.
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KidSmart Vocal Smoke Detector

This was invented by Brent Routman. It tells your child what to do by playing a recorded message instead of panicking them with an alarm.
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A relay book/short story can be fun for chidren. First they write one page before passing it to a friend who writes the next page and so on. Like a game of telephone, the plot twists and turns can be surprising.
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Teach your kids a foreign language when they're as young as possible. It's harder for them to learn one when they're older.
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Start Daddy Club, a monthly meeting for new dads to attend the first year of their child's life and push it in hospitals after births.
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Organize a deluxe babysitting service where the sitter stays over til 12 the next day and gives kids breakfast while parents can lie in.
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