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Painting ideas

Requested in Home & Garden by a contributor
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If you need to paint out-of-reach places safely you can just take a lightweight pole and superglue a paintbrush to the end of it. Then you don't need a ladder. It works like a charm.
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Sometimes a new paint job is all a room needs to look more attractive. But you should always paint a room with colors and designs that harmonize with the overall color of the furniture and other items. The lighting should be considered as well. The way the sun shines on the room at each time of day should highlight its attractiveness.

Some colors and color combinations are especially well-received. Blue and white, for instance, is a "time-tested favorite" among homeowners that can look good in almost any kind of room; it can look bold and dramatic or it can make a cozy area look more light-hearted and casual. You can also choose the color of the fabric of something already in the room - for example, the armchair in one corner, the rug or carpeting, your bedclothes, the paint job on the wooden table - and find one that either resembles or contrasts it in order to make that item stand out more. You can buy color cards at your local interior decoration store to see which one goes best in which parts of your house.
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Put vinegar in a bowl in a newly-painted room. It'll absorb that awful odor.
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