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Landscaping Ideas for Backyard

Requested in Home & Garden by a contributor
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More often than not, decks and patios use the space that is immediately adjacent to the house. While there are some practical reasons for this, it is not the most creative idea as part of an overall plan for your backyard. It is often worthwhile to draw people away from the house and out into the yard. As part of your landscape, provide a gathering space that is apart from any deck or patio connected to the house. This will help you to experience it as its own space and not just an extension of the house.
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That central place in the yard can be as simple as a fire pit with a few chairs or something more elaborate, like a small pavilion, gazebo or outdoor kitchen. Connect  it back to the house with an informal walkway and surround it with a few small shrubs. It will offer a nice escape from household routines and activities.
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