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Jewelry ideas

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Get your bitch this cool crystal bling choker necklace! It's made out of rhinestones. That how you make a statement! Very sexy and oh so classy.


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Everybody is feeling time-crunched today and this has led to the rise of personal service businesses. There are personal services for wardrobe planning, shopping, car maintenance, registry trips - you name it - and someone will do it for you for a fee. Why not offer a "jewelry intervention" service to your clients?

This could be done on an individual client basis or as a party with a small group of friends at one of their homes. In the party environment, guests could swap pieces with each other so each ends up with a refreshed jewelry box. The interventionist - that's you - will help clients sort through their jewelry and offer advice on new ways to wear or update existing pieces. For example, an old-fashioned pin might be converted to a charm on velvet cord or pretty beads could be broken up and restrung in new ways. The interventionist might also offer to help the client sell valuable pieces they no longer use for a small percentage of the proceeds. You might also give advice on additional pieces the client needs to round out a collection and offer to help them find the right piece on a commissioned basis.

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Necklaces, pendants, earrings, bangles, etc. with sparkling lights. They'd be powered by a watch battery.
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Cool snake ring!


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Create decoy jewelry items fitted with GPS to place amongst jewels owned by people who worry their cleaners/carriers are stealing from them.
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