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Hurricane Preparedness ideas

Requested in Society & Politics by a contributor
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Hurricane Timeshares

Living in hurricane country we've always got to know what we're going to do when a hurricane comes. For a lot of people that means running like hell. Seems like sticking around would be a lot easier if you could do it safely. That's where this idea comes in. There are several companies in this area who have had the foresight to build their headquarters so they were strong enough to easily withstand a category 4 hurricane. They could make some extra money out of that fact by offering hurricane timeshares. The way it would work is simple - you agree to pay a 10-20 monthly membership fee to get a timeshare. In return, if a storm hits the company lets you stay in their building for the duration of the storm. That would save you the trouble of taking your chances on the road or spending a couple of miserable nights in a school shelter. Membership rates could be increased for those who wanted the company to store a personal supply of water and whatever onsite for them. I'd sign up for a timeshare like this. There are probably a lot of companies that would even pay for the memberships on behalf of their key people so those people would stick around and help get the company get back up on its feet faster. Hospitals should definitely do it for the staff and their family members to keep them around.

There would have to be some sort of protection against people buying in at the beginning of hurricane season and then cancelling out at the end. Maybe a management company could oversee all of the details and refuse to allow anyone who previously cancelled out to buy back in within a set number of years.

The timeshare membership fee would work more along the lines of a monthly storage site rental fee instead of the way normal timeshare properties work. Companies wouldn't be willing to participate if they thought people were purchasing a vested interest in their properties. Other regions where temporary disasters strike could also offer this kind of timeshare.
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Troll Shelters

Another place to wait out the storm.

There's a significant lack of shelters where I live, which can become a survival issue when hurricanes hit. Every time I drive under a bridge (one that's on land of course) I notice that the steel beams running the length of it are usually at least 3-4 feet high. I wonder if we could rivet some kind of floor onto the bottom of these beams and then add an access door leading into the area. It would provide at least one more safe haven (we're short enough space for well over 100,000 people here). No matter how bad the storm none of the bridges in this area have blown down. Not the ones over land anyway (which are the kind I'm talking about). The ones over the bay tend to come tumbling down now and then. Things like water, MRE's, first aid kits, air mattresses and some blankets could be pre-positioned well ahead of time to make the shelters even more useful.

Note 1: Neither the homeless nor delinquents coud get into these shelters when they weren't supposed to because the design would include limited access via four locked hatches (two at the top of fixed fire-escape type ladders under each side of the bridge). Home security alarm companies would be happy to compete for the contract to monitor these hatches for unauthorized entry exactly the same way they monitor unauthorized entry into the houses they're paid to watch.

Note 2: Remember, the original purpose of these shelters was to provide people a place to ride out an approaching hurricane. With the at least 24 hour warning period we have available to us now there would be no need to get into them in a hurry (in case you're worried about the locked hatches). When the emergency operations centers are opened in a county due to a hurricane's approach the first responders would also unlock the shelters and begin monitoring their usage (pretty much the same way they do when they open schools for shelters now).
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Pop-Up Street Signs

One of the major problems after a hurricane or severe storm is telling outsiders how to get someplace when all of the street signs have been blown away. If the kind of help we're talking about is emergency personnel then this could be a critical issue.

Here's a solution. Bury a narrow vertical tube beside each existing sign. The cap on this tube should be held in place by a cotter pin beneath ground level. A wire would run fom the cotter pin up the regular street sign pool to the sign itself. During a storm if the sign blew off this would pull out the cotter pin. Nothing else would happen right then. Once the storm was over the lid on the tube could be opened and a new pole lifted out of it, complete with the appropriate signs (the signs themselves would have been turned vertically too so they'd fit in the tube).

The reason for the cotter pin is simple: it would keep the neighborhood kids from popping the signs out whenever they felt like it.
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Swimming Pool Shelters

Wherever there's the possibility of a hurricane or tornado and no possibility of evacuating in time, swimming pools could be converted into shelters two different ways.

1st way: Drain the pool and then cover it with a very shallow-sloped A-frame roof. The A-frame would consist of two-foot wide panels that were designed to fold under one another for easy storage. This would only work in areas where the water table wouldn't rise high enough to pop the pool out of the ground when it was emptied.

2nd way: Submerge an inflatable room at the deep end, using a weighted lining to keep the room underwater. As a last resort this would provide a cushion of water to separate you from flying debris and also lower the risk of your house collapsing on top of you. Something similar to those oxygen canisters being sold as a fire escape enhancement would have to be included in the design to keep the air breathable in the room.
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Wood Chipper BBQ (Tree Plows)

Every year severe hurricanes hit either Texas, Florida or Louisiana. Afterwards you can see truck after truck carrying downed trees to dump sites for burning. A much more efficient way to get rid of the debris would be to hook a wood chipper up to an expanded portable BBQ. That way you could burn the branches as you made your way down the street and cut out all of those trips to the dump. Having the smoke come out of the BBQ wouldn't be a greater source of pollution than having it come out of the dumps, and paying for natural gas to do the burning wouldn't cost any more than paying for regular gas to drive trucks back and forth between the dumps. In fact, the economic feasibility of building these types of machines has already been proven. Snowmelters like the Trecan 40-PD have shown that expensive machines can be worth their cost even if they're needed for only a couple of storms a year.
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Design buildings that have vents where air can flow out quickly to protect against natural disasters. Tornadoes, hurricanes and typhoons can blow out roofs and windows due to low pressure.
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If you're building a house in an area with a lot of hurricanes/twisters you can build it on concrete slabs a meter below grade level with a complete survival unit underneath it all with a generator.
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