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They should build condos and high-rise flats (rather than single-family homes) in areas that are prone to flooding. That will keep homes dry during floods. Then they can build parks on the rest of the land.
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Thieves on Stage

Motion sensor spotlights.

The problem with the motion sensor lights that are on the market today is that they don't give you a clue where to look. The would-be burglar could have ducked down behind a bush 5 feet off to your side and you'd never see him. This innovation would be for a motion sensor light that actually shot the beam of light right where it detected the motion, highlighting the thief. It wouldn't be a bad idea if it took a picture while it was at it too.

Another advantage - it would tell you if there were any critters around before you ran out to your car to get something at night. The critters are alligators where I live and they like to crawl under cars.
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Older people have a lot of trouble carrying heavy buckets of water. If removable wheels were added by the manufacturers then the buckets could be rolled and then lifted.
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Invisible Houses

They can't break in if they can't find the door.

If Bill Gates can have the wallpaper inside his house change according to his mood, then there's no reason other rich people couldn't take the next logical step and make their whole house invisible using adaptive camouflage. That way when they turned the system on any would-be burglar would have a hell of a time finding the front door, giving them fair warning that someone was trying to break in. If demand for these systems was high enough maybe their price would come down enough for us all to afford one. That way when you looked down any street all you'd see is scenery - no houses

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Integrate a pressure-sensitive strip on top of backyard walls. An alarm would be triggered in the security device if a thief tries to climb over the wall.
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A pop-up security stop invention that would be installed in the floor of your home a few inches behind the door. You'd just step on it to pop it up as you're opening the door. Right now when you open the door to strangers the chain just doesn't do the trick.
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A non-flammable tarp or sprayable material for home fire protection. If there's a wildfire use it to cover your home to keep it from burning. Store it in the garage in sections.
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