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When it's freezing outside and your doorsteps are icy get warm water, put some Dawn in it and pour it over all the steps. Then they won't refreeze.
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Blown Away

Someone should design a flat hose with holes in it that would be laid in a gutter that could be hooked up to a leaf blower via a specialized attachment. Then all you'd have to do to clean out your gutters is turn on the blower and it would blast the leaves out of the gutter. A modified version of this could also be designed to sit along the outside edges of the frame that supports screens around pools. That would make the job of clearing off the debris a lot easier.

In order to keep a steady airflow for the length of the hose either the diameter of the holes could be increased towards the far end or valves requiring different amounts of pressure before they'd open could cover each hole.
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Drill on a Leash

On almost every home improvement show there's someone with a cordless drill putting screws into something, The odd thing about those drills is that the battery is in the handle. That must get pretty tiring for people who have to do a lot of drilling after awhile. A quick search on Google didn't turn up any alternatives either so I'll suggest one here.

Cordless drills could be redesigned so that their battery can be detached and either left on the floor or worn on a belt, taking their weight off of the user's muscles. In this new design the battery case would be connected to the drill by an 4 to 10 foot cord which would be strong enough to let the user pull it around as they moved through the work area (for times when they didn't want to wear it on a belt). The cord could also be detached at both ends and the battery hooked back onto the drill so it could still be used the way it is now for those who like this configuration.

There's no reason we couldn't also add detachable batteries as a feature on other power tools where the battery has to be lugged around with the business end of the tool.
Shared by TRK (1,600 points)
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Kick Start Lawnmowers
There are pull-start lawnmowers where you pull on a chord to get them started, and electric ignition mowers where you turn a key to get them started, but there aren't any kick-start mowers as far as I can see (they'd start the same way you used to kick-start a motorcycle). This invention would provide an option that could be priced halfway between the pull-start and electric start versions for those can't afford an electric start model and don't want to pull a muscle getting the manual model started.
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Flipping Gutters

Watch out below.

This new gutter design could be built to operate in either a manual or power mode. In its normal position, the half-cylinder making up the main portion of the gutter would have its open end facing up. When it was time to clean it out the cylinder would be flipped upside down via the axles on each end (manually or electrically). The axles would be sitting in slots so they could be vigorously shaken to empty out any sticky leaves. Once the gutter was clean it would be flipped back into its normal position.
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They're coming out with Wi-Fi light bulbs connected to your wireless network. You can turn specific bulbs on or off at any time from your phone (even from several blocks over) or adjust them to create mood lighting with them. But you can also program them (particularly lights on the outside of your home) to automatically turn on/off at specific times of the day. You can also set some of them to be motion-activated. They're LED bulbs so they supposedly consume very little power to boot. Biggest hurdles are purchasing the initial kit and about 20 bucks per bulb after that.

Shared by thinkagain (7,340 points)
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You can make your air conditioner much more efficient by putting a water jacket on the condensing coils/pipes. That creates hot water for free.
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Salted Carpet

You would roll out this carpet before it snows. On steps/walkways it would prevent snow from accumulating.
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You can make a great bag to collect up your grass clippings out of used pantyhose. Hold it in place with a bungee cord. Really funny when you see it standing up.
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Why not something like an anti-growth hormone that would keep grass from growing so quickly?
Shared by Andy (300 points)

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