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Got the creativity bug? Don't overlook the built-in canvases every home has: doors. They're already "framed" and offer a pre-designated area for creativity. If it isn't used you can remove the doorknob and blend it in with the rest of the wall. As long as you have enough exits in your home or apartment you can seal off the door so that it stays put and isn't used.

Decorate the door with paint, appliqués, clippings or decorative mirrors. Paint it with chalkboard paint so that you can change its design every day if you like. You can also change the door's decor depending on the season or upcoming holiday. Lastly, you can also use the door simply as raw space. For example, you can place planters and vases around the door or create a border of photographs extending from the doorframe. This will create negative space, which is a unique decorating technique.
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I would give some thought to your floor plan. If you think there's no need for that door you could always place something like a baker's rack in front of it.

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Get a big seashell and put foam inside it to make a unique centerpiece for a flower arrangement.
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Decorating your living space can give it new life. Many opt for a beach theme when designing a décor plan. It can make your home seem like an exotic tropical getaway. But using proper color schemes is key. Radiant shades of blue used on walls can give off the appearance of placid seawater and a cloudless sky. Shades of brown, white or even light black are ideal to use on floors in order to create the illusion of a soft sand coating. Either carpeting or a series of rugs can be used on the floors to give off the appearance of a beach setting.

There are also many different types of pieces you can use to enhance the theme. Decorative seashells, wicker containers and exotic bowls are ideal. You could also use model sailboats, multi-colored throw pillows and wall art in the design. Lamps, clocks and bedding specifically-designed for that beach feel are also available in stores. Create a more inviting feel -- a personal oasis for everyone to enjoy.
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