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So That's Who You Are

Something for the genealogists.

Almost every family has someone in the living part of the family tree trying to track down who was who in the tree. Inevitably they come across a box of photos or negatives with no names attached and no one who can remember who's in the picture.

This new product would be for them. It would combine the current facial recognition programs that have already been developed with the age progression/regression programs used by police departments to come up with a new program for genealogists. First you'd scan in pictures of people you can identify. Then you'd scan in the pictures of people no one can identify. Using facial recognition and age progression/regression logic, the program would then try to figure out who was who. It probably wouldn't be able to figure out who every unidentified person was but it would be able to figure out enough of them to make the program something genealogists would love to buy.
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Don't Dance With Your Cousins

Combining cell phones and genealogy.

One of the genealogy programs I've been working with lately has a feature that can tell you how closely you're related to famous people. Norman Rockwell came up as being related 9 generations back on my side of the family, 10 generations back on my wife's side of the family, and 8 generations back on a friend's family tree (and his surname was Smith). This idea is for people who'd like to know which strangers they're related to when they walk into a bar, party, whatever... They'd press a button on their phone which would send both their name and location to a server running the ancestry database. The server would search for other people in your vicinity and return a list of those you're related to and how closely you're related. If the relationship was close enough it might be an interesting way to get a conversation going.

Example: suppose my wife and I hadn't met yet and we both subscribed to the service. If I walked into a bar she was in and checked my phone it would tell me one of my 10th cousins was there and give a little background on our common relative. It could also go one step further and find the closest celebrity we were both related to (kind of a 6 degrees of separation thing only with Norman Rockwell instead of Kevin Bacon in this case).
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