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Game show in which the contestants win points based on how close their guesses are to the figure. Sample questions: # of deaths each year due to guns, # of sand grains at a beach, # of dopes who believe there's a god.
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Fair Market Monopoly
Who cares where Marvin Gardens is?

This new electronic version of the monopoly game would have a GPS in it so it would know where you were playing when you turned it on. The game would do a quick search of the property appraiser's office in your area and give the spots real names based on the values in your locale. At least then you'd know what you were playing for (I guess it would stink if your house turned out to be the cheapest spot though).

Since it's an electronic version you could also have driveways coming out of each property that linked up with a network of roads. That way when you bought a house the board would sense its presence and generate a random reaction from the former owners as they drove off (we'd need a couple thousand potential reactions in the database to keep it interesting and unpredictable).
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9/11: The Game

An answer to the question of what's next after the JFK game. As long as we're not letting decency be our guide there's no reason not to create this game for those who just love the new JFK first-person shooter game. In 9/11: The Game, the object would be to pick one or more planes and successfully crash them into high value targets. The bigger the plane, the more points you'd get. You'd lose 'x' number of points if one of your planes was shot down on the way to its target, and double 'x' number of points if the people inside the plane overpowered you and kept you from reaching it. The player would be able to switch back and forth between 1st and 3rd person perspective (seeing the action from inside a selected plane as one of the shooters or from outside).

Difficulty levels would be determined by how hard you told the computer to fight back (optionally, you could play the part of someone inside a hijacked plane and try to prevent it from being hijacked - you'd lose points if you just walked in and started shooting people based on profiling). If this game sells well then there's no end to how creative we can get. It wouldn't be hard to go to the next level and create a sim-city with a beheading-based economy.
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Word game for 4 players. Each one picks a category card. Then they write 13 things from that category on slips of papers. Then the players pick the slips one at a time. First to guess a certain # right wins. Try it with some really outlandish categories to make it more fun or if you want to make it harder.
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