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Fish Movies


Let your stories tell themselves.


Never say "you should have seen the size of the one that got away" when you can say "hey, take a look at the size of the one that got away." A new camera based on the colonoscopy pill camera could make this happen. The camera would be disguised as a weight (or lure if you want to see the innards), and start filming the minute the fish struck and you hit the record button. If the fish got away you could then play back the tape to show all of your friends you weren't lying. A bonus feature would be a weight calculator that could figure out how much the fish weighed based on the dead weight during times when you were pulling it in and it wasn't fighting back.

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Eskimo Crow Farmers

Since crows have shown that they can be taught how to fish maybe Eskimos could rise above the poverty level by using them to create ice-fishing farms. The Eskimos would cut the holes and set the lines, then leave the crows to tend them. A single crow could watch far more lines than a single Eskimo. Part of the proceeds from the fish crop would go toward paying for whatever kind of treat it takes to keep a crow happy and fishing.
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Crossbow Fishing Pole

For people who have trouble casting.
This invention would be an enhancement to current fishing reels for amateur fishermen.  A second handle on the reel would pull back a spring that was built into the underside of the pole. A small rod attached near the hook (maybe replacing the weight) would slide down the shaft that the spring is in. Once it was loaded you'd just point and click sending the hook exactly where you want it. This would also keep amateurs from accidentally hooking the people around them when casting the traditional way.
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