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The same old chores can get tiresome from time to time. Switch things up for a change by having members of the family do tasks for one another. Have dad do the dishes, mom take out the trash, your daughter wash the car, and son do the vacuuming. It'll keep things interesting and give them a new appreciation for the others.
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Plan a regular outing for the family together. If the kids play baseball, take everyone to the batting cage the same day every week. Every Saturday morning you can visit the grandparents and play some games. You can also go to the movies weekly and rotate who gets to choose the flick.
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Instead of yelling at a family member when you're getting angry about something that's not urgent try to hold it in for a day. If you forget then that's a sign that it wasn't important anyway. If both of you practice this then it's even better.
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Before you serve dinner run very hot water with dishwashing soap in the sink. It'll save time doing the dishes because everyone can wash and rinse their own plates when they're done.
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Provide a service where parents can pay for a nurse or healthcare expert to explain sex and relationships to their kids.
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