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If you're a kid looking to be the talk of the neighborhood there's at least one place that allows you to customize the color and designs on each part of the bike. Villy Customs walks you through the design choices online. You can personalize the frame, tires, fenders, chain, grips to make a bicycle that's unique to you. They'll also build branded bicycles for companies or organizations.

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If you want to try something different there's a new chainless bike design out called the Bicymple. With it you can ride from the back wheel like a unicycle, similar to the old swing bikes. It supposedly gives you the ability for tighter turning and fitting into smaller spaces. Some have speculated it could cause problems with ACL's but I haven't heard of any hard evidence of it. It's worth a looksy if you're curious.

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Don't build cities for cars. Build them for people and bikes! Give bicycles their own separate lane and then put a divider between that lane and the road and make a separate system of stoplights. The Netherlands and other countries in Europe have this and it works great.
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Put turn signals on bicycles, green lights and a red brake light for them too.
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A cool new invention for bikes... Glowing paint on the tires to make them safer at night. Neon colors could create a halo that would warn others on the road that they're coming or going.
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Bicycles with electric motors like with hybrid cars. It would be charged through a special brake system. While the bike slows down it would create electric current (instead of transferring the kinetic energy to heat).
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New flashing safety lights on bicycles that don't need batteries or gears. The magnet in the generator uses a magnet on the spoke to power the light. The back has two red lights and the front has one white light. Saves the environment and batteries.

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Replace bicycle brake pads with rollers that wind up a spring. When the pads make contact with the wheels the spring can give a boost when going uphill.
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Attach bike-friendly anti-slip carborundum strips to all manhole covers that are located on bends.
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