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Bedroom Decorating ideas

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The bedroom is where you will spend up to one third of your life. Since you will spend a good portion of your life in it, you want to make sure that you decorate it the best way you can to enjoy it. You want it to be bright so that it won't seem gloomy and dark when you are in there. Where is the natural light coming from and how will it reflect on your sleeping or working areas?

Think about hanging some artwork of things that not only make you happy but will put you in a good mood. This will be the first thing you see in the morning so make it something that will make you smile and start your day off right.
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The bedroom will very likely be your favorite room to decorate in your house because you can impart so much of your personality into it. If you're decorating a baby's room you can use themes such as Dr. Seuss or Winnie the Pooh. Teenagers tend to enjoy plastering their walls with posters and pictures. As you get older you may find you want to use a specific color scheme. Beige and blue schemes are in fashion at the moment. You can always paint three walls one color with an accent wall a different color. Alternatively, you could paint all the walls one color and then add bright accents with flowers or curtains.
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Add well-balanced lighting to a bedroom but don't overdo it. A large hanging crystal chandelier by the bed may sound like a way to bring a romantic feeling to your life, but, once hung, it could take on the appearance of a lurking shadow. Unless you have a very large bedroom, small, scattered lights are best. Use soft-tract lighting along the ceiling edge of a long wall that holds a wide, natural painting or a settee with a small table and a dramatic long mirror.

The objects highlighted around the room will bring more of a passionate mood than concentrating on the bed, where the focus is hidden once you curl up. Dot the corners of the bedroom with wall sconces or small table lamps that adequately balance the low light in the room.
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A couple of sick cribs I found the other day. You never realize how much your bedroom sucked growing up until you see rooms like these.





Another cool idea for the big kids.

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