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Harpoon the Drowners

Lifeguard stations should be equipped with a harpoon-type gun that can be used to shoot a wide, circular raft (~20 ft in diameter) beyond someone who's drowning. The raft would inflate on impact and you could pull it back in towards the victim using an electric reel attached to the harpoon gun.
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A life preserver exists now with straps that encloses around the arm or leg a person sticks through its hole.
Hadn't heard about the life preservers that have holes capable of closing around an arm or leg stuck in them but that would be an excellent addition to the raft. Instead of flipping over onto a drowning person it could have holes all along the rim to secure any limbs stuck in them. That would allow a 2nd swimmer be rescued at the same time (perhaps someone who'd tried to rescue the 1st victim and wound up in trouble themselves).

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Get Them Away From Me

Shark attractant for surfers

Since we don't seem to be having much luck creating an effective shark repellant maybe we should approach the problem from the opposite direction and create a shark attractant that would lure sharks away from swimmers and surfers just long enough for them to get out of the water. I'm thinking of something along the lines of a small inflatable stick figure that could be shot seawards. When it hit the water the figure would inflate and start wiggling in the water (thanks to a small battery it carried). A water soluble container would also release a concentrated oil that smells as much like blood as we can make it. If the scent is strong enough it might get the shark's attention long enough for swimmers to make it to shore (if something like this is ever made the manufacturers will have to be protected against lawsuits stemming from any accidental release of the scent).
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Rip Tide Alarm


In the U.S. over 100 people a year drown in rip tides.  Many more are saved by lifeguards who spot them just in time. Although the exact location of each rip tide usually varies along any particular beach, some beaches have them far more often than others.


Here's a better solution than letting people just take their chances. Lay a cable parallel to the beach offshore on the sandbars. Attach L-shaped buoys every 10 to 15 feet or so along the cable, with each side of the stem on the L painted a different color. Whenever the tide  pulls every buoy in one direction a single color will be facing you. When a rip tide occurs the buoys caught in it will be pulled in the opposite direction and the bottom of the L, acting like a rudder, will turn them around so a different color faces you.  That way you could stand on the beach and tell where the rip tides were just be looking for colors that were out of place.


Of course, once we can accurately see where the rip tides are taking place we'd have risk-takers start doing backwards bodysurfing (heading out to sea instead of into shore) but even they would be safer since they could see the spots where it would be easier to swim back in.


Rip Tides #1

Rip Tides #2

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The risk of skin cancer later in life goes up when children get sunburned a lot. You can protect them from the sun with sunblock, hats and other clothes anytime you're out in the sun.
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A booth like a tanning booth that sprays a quick-drying sunscreen all over your body.
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