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Who The Hell Are You Again?


Let your phone figure it out.


This new phone feature would come in handy when a caller's voice doesn't give you a clue about their identity but who still seem to know you. It would let you record a snippet of conversation and then attach a name to that snippet after the conversation is over. That way the next time they call you could hit an ID key so your phone could match the voice with the recordings and display the caller's name (or whisper it into your ear through the earpiece if you went for the more hi-tech version).

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The Cell Phone Answer Man... The Shell gas company used to put out a series of pamphlets called the Shell Answer Man. Each one dealt with a single car problem and gave a simple answer for it. I don't know if they still print them anymore, but even if they do it's time they were replaced with the Cell Phone Answer Man.

This would be a program added to your cell phone and work somewhat like the address book. Instead of names there would be categories - car crisis, baby crisis, mid-life crisis - and once you selected one you could scroll through the list of questions to find out what you need to know.

For instance, when jump-starting a car, do you connect the red cable to the dead battery first. the black cable to the live battery, the red cable to the live battery, etc. I can never seem to remember when the problem comes up (fortunately no batteries have exploded yet). Another example, the car won't start and you see the battery terminals covered in crust - what can you do? Answer - pour coke on them and try again. If my phone had a program like this on it then it would be several times more valuable to me than it is today (figuratively speaking since I don't have a cell phone). If the programmer really wanted to dazzle us they could record the answers so when we pressed the answer button a calming voice would tell us what to do (although in emergencies, the voice might shout 'RUN LIKE HELL!').


Cell Phone Programming

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They should make an app that shows translations/subtitles on videos on sites like YouTube, Vevo and Vimeo.
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Subtitles for text messages.

Sometimes it can be hard to decipher what the one or two letter combinations people use in test messages (and email for that matter) mean. It shouldn't be hard to add a translation feature that would display the message in real words like subtitles in movies do. The translation software would have to be periodically updated of course but that download shouldn't take long.
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The "Doppleganger App" - or "We're Out There" or "Twins on the Tree"

This app would let you upload a picture of yourself along with your age and then use facial recognition software to find other people who look exactly like you who also own the app. There would be a spot for each person to put some biographical data with the picture, along with an email address so you could get in touch with each other if you wanted to. You could also load pictures of yourself at various ages and have the program search for people who have followed the same biological aging path. Among other things, this could act as an early warning system for genetic diseases that might affect all of you.
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Here's a mobile marketing idea I had that I think is pretty innovative. Text and banner ads at the bottom of phone screens aren't very effective. For ads to work on phones they need to be more visible. Interstitial ads haven't been that successful on standard computers but maybe they can work on mobile. Put up a screen before the app has loaded. It gives some basic information about a product like a movie, consumer good, or TV show. Then below that it has two text links: "Continue on to the app and send me more info" and "Continue on to the app." You have to click one to proceed.

Many will get in the habit of quickly tapping that second link but a good amount of people will click the top one and get an advertisement at the email address programmed in their phone (and the option to receive future emails from the company). This way you aren't trying to divert people to your website and away from their app. They can read the full ad next time they're reading their email (they should be more receptive to it then) and hopefully click through to the website at that time. A one-time showing should be more tolerable than an ad at the bottom of the screen that is constantly following them whatever they do in the app.
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LALA (Limited Acoustic Language Algorithm) is a tool for reducing the acoustic complexity of speech.  It works by taking the acoustically complex, highly variable, and nuanced phonemes of a spoken language and replaces them with a small set of simple computer generated sounds.  The technology is taught in US patent publication  20050243996.

Applications include:

•   Assistive devices for hearing impaired people

•   Ultra-high-speed audio communication from computers to people

•   Informative Alerts ™ (including ringtones)

LALA ringtones enable phones to announce a caller’s identity to the phone’s owner but NOT to bystanders.  The owner of the phone does not need to assign specific ringtones to his/her contacts.  The phone does not even need to have a list of contacts or phone numbers.

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How do the ringtones work? Does the caller say their name and then the technology deciphers the name and automatically assigns a ringtone to it?
The user just activates the App.  No further action is required.  From that point on:  
          When a call comes in, the app first checks to see if the caller’s name (or nickname) is in the phone’s memory.  If the caller’s name is not in the phone’s database, the app then checks to see if the caller’s name was provided by the service provider (it usually is).  If neither query yields useful data, the app reports what ever information it can find (e.g. “call is from Michigan”,  “call is VOP”, etc.)  
          Next, the app looks up the unique coding rules for the phone’s user and creates an informative ring providing the results the above query to the intended recipient, but not to bystanders.
Cool. How do bystanders not hear the informative ring or announcement? Is it delivered to the owner's earpiece? Or is it just that the owner knows what the informative rings are for and the bystanders don't?
The later.  Shortly after the software is activated, the user will start to realize that he/she can recognize the ring of frequent callers.  After time the ring will start to feel like a thickly accented voice speaking in the users mother tongue.  Bystanders, not having shared the above experience will only perceive the sound of the ring, but not its information content.  Even if bystanders have identical phones with identical software, they will not be able to perceive the information content, because the underlying phonic rules are highly individualized.
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Add a feature to GPS navigation devices and apps that tells the user how much the journey will cost in gas.
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A camera or phone app that can calculate the length, width and height of any object it takes a picture of.
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A "vacation" app for the iPhone that blocks work calls, emails, texts and diary alerts.
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Texting / text message app for cell phones that uses different colors or a scale of 1 -10 next to each msg in a list to signal the tone of the message and how important it probably is. If it has all caps for a lot of the words assign it higher importance than one all lower case. It'd take into account words like "fuck!," "ASAP," "hurry up," "help," "911," multiple exclamation marks, etc. so you know which texts to read immediately.
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A Facebook app that allows users to pinpoint on a map where they'll be for most of the day so friends can meet up.

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Add a feature to phone-messaging apps/programs on phones that sends a notification - via phone-message to the author of that communication/message - that the recipient has viewed the communication!
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