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Education ideas

11 ideas
Shared by a contributor
Why not have youth elections at schools at the same time as the...
9 ideas
Shared by TakeFive (8,280 points)
Introduce "family time" as homework every 2 weeks at school where...
7 ideas
Shared by thinkagain (7,340 points)
Why not allow kids to create their own clubs at school?
5 ideas
Shared by rubio08 (1,980 points)
Buy high-quality database registered/false, driverís license, ID...
4 ideas
Shared by a contributor
Feet Heat Pocket   With adjustable heat levels in...
3 ideas
Shared by a contributor
"Awesome" should be a verb in the dictionary!
2 ideas
Shared by LWBaum (5,620 points)
Play a game with your kids where they write new, funny lyrics to...
2 ideas
Shared by a contributor
Why this is a Stupid Idea A new online course colleges could...
2 ideas
Shared by a contributor
A yearbook can preserve many great memories from younger times...
1 Idea
Shared by a contributor
To lessen the burden of student loan debt they should give the...
1 Idea
Shared by thinkagain (7,340 points)
Use crosswords puzzles more as tools for teaching kids, especially...
1 Idea
Shared by Sumanex (760 points)
College students could start an online job service of their own....
1 Idea
Shared by a contributor
Showcasing your school spirit in assemblies is a part of our...
1 Idea
Shared by TakeFive (8,280 points)
Taking a break from the humdrum of normal life can serve as an...
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Requested by a contributor
0 ideas
Requested by a contributor
0 ideas
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